Ecstatic Relations: A Memoir of Love

Ecstatic Relations is about the invisible love glue that holds the universe together, the ecstatic longing and attraction we feel towards a person with whom we have fallen in love.

Here are six true stories from the life of a woman who loves frequently and well, and brief commentaries on the universal metaphor that each story represents.

The Stories

  • DUKE: This tale is about a child's passion for her dog. When he almost dies after being hit by a car, his healing process becomes the window through which she is able, for the first time, to glimpse the Mystery.
  • DANILO: Hitch-hiking in France as a young free spirit, the author meets another like herself - a Czech refugee - at the Cathedral in Chartres, and they fall madly in love.
  • MARTINE: Two classmates at a prestigitous center of medieval studies in France are intellectual soulmates, but in the course of the school year their relationship blossoms into more. It is 1955, they are in provincial France - and they are both girls.
  • KATSU: This love story is between a married woman and her Buddhist teacher - a gay man with AIDS.
  • MAUD: Two grandmothers meet - one is 80 years old and the other 60. They go together to the Adirondack Mountains for a time of contemplating the natural world, for singing in the rain and for cherishing each other.
  • MARRIAGE: This story is about the author's long-term marriage to her husband of forty-five years. He is a university scientist, and their very different philosophies are tested when he is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and she offers to use her singing voice to heal him.

The commentaries on sacred science include discussions of the Unified Field; multi-dimensionality; the universal force of attraction; the motion of the vortex; the creative impulse; matter and form in the natural world and the marriage of matter and spirit.
In this time of fear and despair, this book can help you feel the deeper ecstasy that is our birthright, because ecstasy is the very nature of the universe we inhabit.

Heartfelt Pages from a Seeker's Lifelong Journey to Connect with the Divine by Cynthia Sue Larson, an "Top 500" Reviewer
"There's something intensely personal about Carolyn North's memoir, Ecstatic Relations, that goes far beyond the simple fact that it is, essentially, a selective autobiography. There is a searing, intense range of emotions which makes this book a joy to read, from the depths of sorrow, humiliation and doubt to the heights of divine ecstatic love, and every noteworthy feeling between. North has a gift for sharing a personal tale in such a way that it becomes one's own, and a talent for illustrating spiritual truths and wisdom from collective consciousness that vibrate with a resonance typically reserved for spiritual teachings. Each chapter focuses on one particular relationship in North's life, and explores how that particular relationship opened the heart and soul to a fuller experience of life on every level. From a Jewish childhood in Brooklyn, to youthful travels and education in Europe, to being a wife and parent in California, North's life resonates with a rich, deep tone of fullness, and serves as an inspiration to us all as to the level of meaning our own lives might attain. I highly recommend Ecstatic Relations to anyone interested in contemplating the meabning of the relationships in their lives, as well as the meaning of their relationship to All That Is."