Serious Fun: Ingenious Improvisations on Money, Food, Waste, Water and Home

"Carolyn North has done us all a service in writing Serious Fun. If you read and heed this book, your life will be happier and healthier. Your creativity will be sparked, your imagination will be fed, and your impact on the world will be more beautiful. "
—John Robbins, author of The Food Revolution, The New Good LIfe, Diet for a New America and other bestsellers

"Sustainability may be serious business, but woohoo, can we have fun doing it! Author Carolyn North clearly takes great pleasure in saving the planet, and her choice offerings are a great way to reignite your own sense of pleasure in the task.
—Whole Life Magazine

"Creative and innovative solutions to difficult issues are presented in this practical guidebook for environmentally friendly living. Low-tech exercises for saving water, reducing waste, and preparing food help readers take communal actions to benefit their own neighborhoods, and the world at large, while having fun."
—New Age Retailer

"When we hear the term "green" or "environmentally conscious", chances are we don't hear words like "fun" or "exciting," yet these are exactly the words that come to mind when reading environmental innovator Carolyn North's new book, Serious Fun. Serious Fun is a glorious invitation to each of us to feel more deeply satisfied and fulfilled as we make small, yet profoundly meaningful changes in our daily lives."
—New Consciousness Review

If you ask Carolyn North why she wrote her new book Serious Fun: Ingenious Improvisations on Money, Food, Waste, Water and Home (Findhorn Press, April 2011, $16.95) here’s what she would probably say:

“It’s time to change how we understand this gorgeous miracle of a world we are born into, and enjoy it to its full extent while using it well and consciously. Our celebrity culture of profit and endless growth, rugged individualism, competition, and muscle-bound superheroes doesn’t work for most of us, really. It especially doesn’t work for the planet. Our waters are polluted, children are going hungry, and half of us are on antidepressants.”

So, as an antidote to what she describes as the fear and despair she palpably senses around her, North is advocating creativity and joy. Serious Fun is a practical guidebook offering low-tech ideas, anecdotes and cunning innovations, along with a compendium of stories, facts and figures that are designed to “tickle your imaginations” into dreaming up ideas and solutions to the challenges before us. In essence, North wants nothing more than to solve the world’s problems and have fun doing it!

The renowned futurist and systems theorist, Ervin Laszlo, who has long predicted the “Worldshift” North believes we’re now experiencing, has written the forward for the book. He believes our world community is mired in an ongoing “convenient complacency and facile skepticism” and he writes that Serious Fun is “destined to become a classic textbook” because it is a call to action to tackle the difficult challenges of our time in new and joyful ways. North focuses on five of the basic issues we have to deal with; money, food, water, waste and home. 

In Serious Fun she argues for each one of us to turn to our innovative imaginations, to stay connected and to act, work and PLAY together. She is full of ideas and uses the book to point to the many successful creative solutions she admires that are currently in practice in the world. In each case the common factors are that they are easy to do, they bring people together and create and sustain beauty and a good time can be had while putting them into practice. Carolyn North knows how to do it. As the founder of The Daily Bread project, she has been supplying food to food banks for almost 30 years without a penny changing hands.
No doubt, North is playful; her chapter on money is both witty and startling in many instances, including the revelation that “if we all pay our debts tomorrow, the whole economic system would collapse in a day.” Another section of the book is titled “A Brief History of Shit”! One thing is for sure, readers of Serious Fun will all agree that Carolyn North delivers her ideas without a hint of worthiness. Instead, she uses huge dollops of joy-filled panache to motivate and inspire readers into rolling up their sleeves and living ingeniously.