Interview on Dr. Pat's Radio Show

Dr Pat Banner 175x175 FixedClick here for a new interview I did this week with a remarkable woman, Dr. Pat, whose spirit of fearlessness and love gave me a big lift while we talked. She herself was once homeless, and now does these uplifting interviews all over the place.
Check her out .

Also, a new review, also with a great fillip of spirit that brought a grin to my face. I especially loved the "woo-hoo:"

"Sustainability may be serious business, but woohoo, can we have fun doing it! Author Carolyn North clearly takes great pleasure in saving the planet, and her choice offerings are a great way to reignite your own sense of pleasure in the task. For example, where else can you read about the joys of a doorless outhouse? Or directions for building a scavenged “sound sculpture”? Or even inspiration to tear up your paved driveway? There’s a lot of emphasis on poop—“Except for breathing, defecating is probably the most intimate exchange we have with the natural world,” writes North; and food (can’t wait to try her leftover Thanksgiving turkey fritters). She provides plenty of sobering facts, but her packaging is pure delight."
— Whole Life Magazine